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Great Film Books

  • New! Nancy Schoenberger's Wayne and Ford and Ian Nathan's The Coen Brothers!

  • James Agee: James Agee: The Library of America Collection
  • James Agee: Agee on Film
  • Robert S. Birchard: Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood
  • Peter Bogdanovich: This Is Orson Welles
  • Peter Bogdanovich: Who the Devil Made It
  • Robert Bresson: Notes on the Cinematographer
  • Joe Bob Briggs: Profoundly Disturbing
  • Louise Brooks: Lulu in Hollywood
  • Charles Bukowski: Hollywood
  • Luis Bunuel: My Last Sigh
  • Bruce Campbell: If Chins Could Kill
  • Tom Charity: John Cassavetes: Lifeworks
  • Charles Chaplin: My Autobiography
  • Roger Corman: How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime
  • Cameron Crowe: Conversations with Wilder
  • Frederic Dannen/Barry Long: Hong Kong Babylon
  • Ronald L. Davis: Just Making Movies: Company Directors on the Studio System
  • Alonso Duralde: Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas
  • Roger Ebert: Roger Ebert's Book of Film
  • Roger Ebert: The Great Movies II, by Roger Ebert
  • Manny Farber: Negative Space
  • Samuel Fuller: A Third Face
  • Stefan Hammond/Mike Wilkins: Sex & Zen, and a Bullet in the Head
  • William Goldman: Adventures in the Screen Trade
  • Pauline Kael: 5001 Nights at the Movies
  • Pauline Kael: For Keeps
  • John Kobal: The Top 100 Movies
  • Mick La Salle: Complicated Women: Sex and Power in Pre-Code Hollywood
  • Spike Lee: Do the Right Thing
  • Spike Lee: She's Gotta Have It
  • Emily Leider: Dark Lover
  • Joe Leydon: Joe Leydon's Guide to Essential Movies You Must See If You Read, Write About or Make Movies
  • Barry Long/Frederic Dannen: Hong Kong Babylon
  • Phillip Lopate: Totally, Tenderly, Tragically
  • Joseph McBride: Searching for John Ford: A Life
  • Frederic Raphael: Eyes Wide Open
  • Donald Richie: The Donald Richie Reader: 50 Years of Writing on Japan
  • David Robinson: Chaplin
  • Chris Rodley: Cronenberg on Cronenberg
  • Jonathan Rosenbaum: Movie Wars: How Hollywood and the Media Conspire to Limit What Films We Can See
  • Lillian Ross: Picture
  • Julie Salamon: The Devil's Candy
  • Andrew Sarris: The American Cinema
  • Andrew Sarris: Confessions of a Cultist
  • Andrew Sarris: You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet
  • Judy Stone: Eye on the World: Conversations with International Filmmakers
  • Judy Stone: Not Quite a Memoir: Of Films, Books, the World
  • Preston Sturges: Five Screenplays
  • David Thomson: Have You Seen...?
  • David Thomson: The New Biographical Dictionary of Film
  • Francois Truffaut: Hitchcock
  • Francois Truffaut: The Films in My Life
  • John Waters: Shock Value
  • Michael J. Weldon: The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film
  • Michael J. Weldon: The Psychotronic Video Guide
  • Mike Wilkins/Stefan Hammond: Sex & Zen, and a Bullet in the Head
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