Combustible Celluloid

2007: The Year's Worst

The Year In Stink

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Here we go. I wound up with 52 films that I hated and despised, films that were colossally misguided or stupid, or lazy. I ranked the first 27 as the absolute worst, and then 25 runners up that could have been better. It would be my sincerest wish that filmmakers and studios and producers would learn from these 52 mistakes, but I suspect that next year's list will be just as long. After all, there are new mistakes to be made...

  1. Good Luck Chuck
  2. Pathfinder
  3. September Dawn
  4. The Heartbreak Kid
  5. August Rush
  6. Into the Wild
  7. The Hitcher
  8. Because I Said So
  9. Evan Almighty
  10. Hannibal Rising
  11. In the Land of Women
  12. Pride
  13. Silk
  14. Jindabyne
  15. Gracie
  16. The Ex
  17. Transformers
  18. Rush Hour 3
  19. 300
  20. Elizabeth: The Golden Age
  21. Dan in Real Life
  22. The Kite Runner
  23. Charlie Wilson's War
  24. Finishing the Game
  25. Goya's Ghosts
  26. Halloween
  27. Shrek the Third

December 20, 2007

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