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Combustible Celluloid's Essential Horror Movies

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

(Updated September 13, 2023) This is an expanded, chronological version of an original top 100 list, created for folks looking for good Halloween movies. The list was recently expanded to include over 450 titles! Keep checking back for more reviews and more additions to the list. And check here for my ranked Top 100 Horror Films List!

The Silent Era


The 1930s

The Black Cat

The 1940s

Cat People

The 1950s

House of Wax

The 1960s

Blood and Black Lace

The 1970s

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The 1980s

Evil Dead II

The 1990s


The 2000s

Let the Right One In

The 2010s

The Innkeepers

The 2020s

Color Out of Space

Movies Unlimtied