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With: Jillian Murray, Talan Torriero, Aubrey O'Day, Martin Klebba, Nikki Ziering, Brian Drolet, Hoyt Richards, Pat Jankiewicz, James E. Foley, Alex Murrel, Davida Williams, Madison Dylan, Cameron Goodman, Scotty Kyle, Ashley Morey
Written by: Sean Patrick Cannon
Directed by: Sean Patrick Cannon
MPAA Rating: R for pervasive strong crude and sexual content, non-stop language, some nudity and drug material
Running Time: 86
Date: 04/07/2009

American High School (2009)

1 Star (out of 4)

No Principals

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

As far as sex comedies go, this one is stupider than most, but it's stupid in an interesting way; it's so stupid it's almost surreal. Its rhythms are so far away from life that you almost can't take your eyes from it. It might even make you feel more human, more alive. The plot has something to do with cute high school senior Gwen (Jillian Murray) who is actually married. Due to some strange circumstances that I either didn't follow or didn't care to follow, she causes a bunch of trouble, and then concocts a few "clever" plans to set everything right. These high schoolers are all sexually confident and active, which is totally different from your real experience of high school. But what I liked about them is that the movie didn't care a whit about "likeability." No one cares what you think about these idiots, which is very refreshing, especially after recent garbage like Miss March. What I hated about the movie is that for a sex comedy, it has almost no nudity; as Joe Bob Briggs would say, it has only "two nekkid breasts," both belonging to Playboy playmate Nikki Ziering. Any teenage boys looking to rent this should know that detail in advance.

DVD Details: Anchor Bay's DVD release comes with a cast & crew commentary track, deleted scenes and trailers. As if anyone cares.

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