Combustible Celluloid
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With: Tony Todd, Dylan Baker, Robin Bartlett, Samm Levine, Vanessa Lengies, Agnes Bruckner, Mario Van Peebles, Lindsay Mushett, Jason Stuart, Brett Edwards
Written by: Jon Dabach
Directed by: Tom Colley, Jon Dabach, Danny Isaacs , Rob Margolies
MPAA Rating: NR
Running Time: 94
Date: 09/08/2020

Immortal (2020)

2 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Undying Breed

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

This supernatural anthology film discusses what it might be like to be unable to die, but other than a few rather downbeat situations, it winds up with not all that much to say. The movie does feature some strong performances and some intriguing setups, however. Dylan Baker stars in the first segment as a pasty English teacher who leads an interesting discussion of Lord of the Flies with his high school class. He also catches the coach leering at popular blonde track runner Chelsea (Lindsay Mushett). Even though the story doesn't go quite where you think it will, it also doesn't end up anywhere special. The second story involves pregnant Vanessa (Agnes Bruckner), whose husband decides to kill himself so that she and the baby will be taken care of. Thirdly, in arguably the best story with the most potent ending, filmmaker Alex (Vanessa Lengies) interviews husband Ted (Tony Todd) and Mary (Robin Bartlett), just before Mary, suffering and in pain due to cancer, is about to end her life. Finally, Warren (Samm Levine) is a hit-and-run victim, except that, despite a broken neck, he gets up and walks away. He finds he can't eat or sleep, but he can plot his revenge. A different director helmed each of the four segments, but there's no wraparound story, or connective tissue other than the "immortal" idea. Mario Van Peebles also appears as a cable guy.

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