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With: Chloë Sevigny, Linda Manz, Jacob Reynolds, Nick Sutton, Jacob Sewell, Darby Dougherty, Carisa Glucksman, Wendall Carr, Harmony Korine, Max Perlich
Written by: Harmony Korine
Directed by: Harmony Korine
MPAA Rating: R for pervasive depiction of anti-social behavior of juveniles,including violence, substance abuse,sexuality and language
Running Time: 95
Date: 08/29/1997

Gummo (1997)

4 Stars (out of 4)

Days of Being Wired

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

This near-masterpiece by first-time director Harmony Korine (who wrote the screenplay for Kids) is hated by just about everyone. It's a wandering, sick, and dreamy look at a near-dead town recovering from a devastating hurricane. Its inhabitants include bored teenagers who shoot cats to sell to Chinese restaurants. Most scenes are shocking and unforgettable, including a horrible drunken card-game brawl, and the triumphant return of Linda Manz (Days of Heaven, Out of the Blue) doing a soft-shoe shuffle in the world's most disgusting basement. Chloe Sevigny co-stars as seductive teen with tape on her nipples. But for all its unsettling imagery Gummo also abounds with strange beauty. You will never forget seeing it.

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