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With: Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Sabu, Edgar Barrier, Mary Nash, Lois Collier, Samuel S. Hinds, Moroni Olsen, Lon Chaney Jr.
Written by: Gene Lewis, Richard Brooks, based on a story by W. Scott Darling
Directed by: Robert Siodmak
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 71
Date: 05/12/1944

Cobra Woman (1944)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Camp Trip

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

A deliciously detestable Hollywood relic; a bad movie that knows how to be good. Maria Montez turns in a horribly campy performance as the twin queens of Cobra Island, the good and the evil. Witness volcanoes erupting, snake dances, pits of spikes, feats of daring, and the most wonderfully awful dialogue of all time in this 1944 Robert Siodmak film.

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