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With: Marlene Dietrich, James Stewart, Mischa Auer, Charles Winninger, Brian Donlevy, Allen Jenkins, Warren Hymer, Irene Hervey, Una Merkel, Billy Gilbert, Samuel S. Hinds, Jack Carson, Tom Fadden, Virginia Brissac, Edmund MacDonald, Lillian Yarbo, Joe King, Dickie Jones, Ann E. Todd
Written by: Felix Jackson, Gertrude Purcell, Henry Myers, based on a novel by Max Brand
Directed by: George Marshall
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Running Time: 94
Date: 11/30/1939

Destry Rides Again (1939)

3 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

Date with Destry

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Jimmy Stewart stars with top-billed Marlene Dietrich in George Marshall's comedy-Western Destry Rides Again (1939, Universal, $14.98), in which he plays the non-violent son of a famous gunfighter who falls for the lure of a barroom singer (Dietrich). While not a major film, it's one of those odd Hollywood mixtures where everything comes together just right.

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