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With: Sean Connery, Honor Blackman, Gert Frbe, Harold Sakata, Bernard Lee, Shirley Eaton, Tania Mallet, Martin Benson, Cec Linder, Austin Willis, Lois Maxwell, Bill Nagy, Michael Mellinger, Peter Cranwell, Nadja Regin
Written by: Richard Maibaum, Paul Dehn, based on a novel by Ian Fleming
Directed by: Guy Hamilton
MPAA Rating: PG
Running Time: 110
Date: 09/17/1964

Goldfinger (1964)

4 Stars (out of 4)

Midas Touch

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

For many fans, the third film, Guy Hamilton's Goldfinger (1964), was the pinnacle of the series, wherein every element clicked into place with satisfying perfection. Bond (Connery) must stop the title bad guy (Gert Fröbe) from robbing Fort Knox. He meets the ultimate Bond girl, Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman), and the ultimate evil henchman, Oddjob (Harold Sakata), with his deadly hat. The dead girl, suffocated and covered in gold paint, is one of the indelible images of the entire series. This movie features some of the best lines ("I must be dreaming" and "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!") as well as one of the very best songs, Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger." It won an Oscar for Best Sound Effects.

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