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With: Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer, Roy Scheider, James Fox, John Mahoney, Michael Kitchen, J.T. Walsh, Ken Russell, David Threlfall, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Mac McDonald
Written by: Tom Stoppard, based on a novel by John le Carré
Directed by: Fred Schepisi
MPAA Rating: R
Running Time: 122
Date: 12/19/1990

The Russia House (1990)

3 1/2 Stars (out of 4)

'House' Arresting

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

Australian Fred Schepisi may be one of the world's great underrated directors, or at least among those working within the Hollywood system. I've always admired this spy thriller as one of Sean Connery's very best films, thanks to Schepisi's clever cutting and beautiful widescreen photography. Connery plays an easy-going, worldly publisher and jazz musician who gets involved in a complicated plot surrounding a beautiful Russian book editor (Michelle Pfeiffer), a book full of Soviet secrets and its author, a creepy scientist (Klaus Maria Brandaur). Tom Stoppard adapted John Le Carre's novel, and the great supporting cast includes J.T. Walsh and Roy Scheider. Fox's sparkling new disc is the best way to see this film.

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