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With: (voices) Diedrich Bader, Dee Bradley Baker, David McCallum, James Arnold Taylor, Tatyana Yassukovich, R. Lee Ermey, Scott Menville, Vyvan Pham, Alexander Polinsky, Kevin Michael Richardson, Bumper Robinson, Greg Ellis, Mikey Kelley, Jason Marsden, Pat Musick, Michael Rosenbaum, Will Friedle, Lex Lang, Tim Matheson, Wil Wheaton
Written by: J.M. DeMatteis, Todd Casey, Steven Melching, James Krieg
Directed by: Ben Jones, Michael Chang, Brandon Vietti
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 88
Date: 03/18/2013

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Volume 2 (2009)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Team Batman

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

The second collection of four "Brave and the Bold" cartoons is a little less interesting than the first, but is still an amusing time-passer. Green Arrow co-stars in the first episode as he and Batman are transported back to the time of Merlin. The second episode features Wildcat, plus three of the Outsiders (Black Lightning, Metamorpho and Katana), acting as villains. ("Batman and the Outsiders" was the super-team that took over when the "Brave and the Bold" comic series ended its run in the 1980s.) I like the Deadman episode the best, which features his origin, The Gentleman Ghost as the baddie, and a fairly unique situation for Batman to get out of. Lastly, we have another Blue Beetle episode, but one that looks into the history of the hero and his many incarnations. As always, each episode has a "surprise guest."

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