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With: Frank Reeves, Lisa Patruno, Marie Michaels, Michael Gingold
Written by: Francis Teri
Directed by: Francis Teri
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Running Time: 89
Date: 03/18/2013

The Suckling (1990)

1 Star (out of 4)

Be My Baby?

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

This poorly acted horror film has a few inspired, loony moments here andthere but it's mostly a trying, fairly stupid attempt. A teenage boydrags his pregnant girlfriend to a local brothel where a globular madamcalled "Big Mama" performs back alley abortions. The fetus is flusheddown the toilet, where nuclear waste helps bring it back to life as ahorrible, mutated creature. Somehow the creature manages to lock thecouple, the madam, some hookers and a few other annoying people in thehouse, where they all stay until the end of the film. Even morehorribly, the creature keeps most of these arguing idiots alive for mostof the film; for such a gory film it has a very low body count. A guy ina suit plays the fully-grown creature, but the baby creature is aninspired, moving model. Other scenes include some strange S&M games, butvery little nudity.

DVD Details: Elite has released The Suckling on DVD. The quality is poor, mostly due to the quality of the original film. The DVD comes only with a trailer.

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