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With: John Marsh, Betty Marsh, Fred Troller, Beatrice Troller, Art Buchwald, Ricard Alexis, Oscar Celestin, Robert Marsh, Emmanuel Paul
Written by: Otis Carney, Louis De Rochemont, based on a book by Pierre Gossett, Renee Gossett
Directed by: Robert L. Bendick, Philippe De Lacy
MPAA Rating: NR
Running Time: 129
Date: 02/08/1955

Cinerama Holiday (1955)

3 Stars (out of 4)

Three's Company

By Jeffrey M. Anderson

One of the biggest box-office hits of 1955 was this second Cinerama presentation, a monster round-the-world epic shot on three cameras simultaneously. The result was projected on three adjacent screens, giving a feeling of incredible width and depth. Flicker Alley has developed a way of releasing these movies on Blu-ray, using the high-definition picture and a technique called "Smileboxing" to reproduce the effect at home.

Cinerama Holiday sends two married couples on two separate mystery vacations all over the world, and we catch up with them as they race in a bobsled, or watch big song-and-dance presentations. The couples narrate their stories. It's all pretty dopey, and the movie runs for a really long time, but that cinematography is never less than breathtaking. I was quite impressed with the San Francisco sequence; it was a really visceral feeling, as if I had been physically transported back in time 55 years.

Flicker Alley's Blu-ray comes with lots of extras; they have also released Cinerama: South Seas Adventure, which features narration by Orson Welles.

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