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She's Gotta Have It, by Spike Lee

Do the Right Thing, by Spike Lee

Review by Jeffrey M. Anderson

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Following in the footsteps of Melvin Van Peebles, writer/director Spike Lee kept journals of his experiences in getting his first several movies made. She's Gotta Have It is completely uncensored and reveals a young man full of pride, energy, and determination, as well as a bit of ego. It contains the results of his interviews with hundreds of young women about sex, and the original shooting script. Do the Right Thing is an invaluable diary on one of the greatest movies ever made. You can actually get inside the head of the man creating this classic. (Imagine reading similar diaries by Griffith on Intolerance or Hitchcock on The 39 Steps or Welles on Citizen Kane.) Other books are available on Lee's School Daze (1988) and Mo' Better Blues (1990), but these are the two to read.

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