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Five Screenplays, by Preston Sturges

Review by Jeffrey M. Anderson

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Most screenplay books clean up the screenplay. They're typeset into neat lettering on clean pages, and you're never sure if anything has been cut out or not. The worst screenplay books I've ever seen are Woody Allen's, which simply transcribe the finished movie in print. Five Screenplays is the best screenplay book I've ever seen because it actually photocopies Sturges' original typewritten pages. It's sloppy, but perfect. You feel as if Sturges is in the room with you. And, best of all, the scenes that didn't make the final cuts of the films are still intact. The screenplays are: Sullivan's Travels, The Lady Eve, Hail the Conquering Hero (originally called The Little Marine), the Oscar-winning The Great McGinty (originally called Down Went McGinty), and Christmas in July (originally called The New Yorkers).

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